Frontline Historical

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Ralph’s expertise...makes this book into something more than just a reference catalogue...this book turns into a political and sociological study...

Filip Stefanovic, DDR Militaria Collector incredibly in-depth, scholarly approach to orders, medals, badges and other memorabilia directly and indirectly associated with the Ministry of State Security.

Greg Collins, Militaria Collector

The chapters are full of fascinating historic information accompanied by some of the best photos I’ve recently seen in a book of this type...

Michael Gallagher, DDR militaria collector

Dies ist das erste Literatur- und Nachschlagewerk, das einen umfassenden Überblick über die Auszeichnungen des Ministeriums für Staatssicherheit (MfS) der ehemaligen DDR gibt

Deutsches Waffen-Journal

Für alle, die sich mit der Geschichte der DDR, dem Innenleben der STASI und Phaleristik der bewaffneten Organe befassen, sind diese Werke ein Muss.

Oberst a.D. Friedrich Jeschonnek, Hardthöhenkurier

Volume II includes

Soviet medals and KGB badges presented to former MfS members. More than 800 high resolution color images of medals and documents. Twice the number of images in Volume I.

Wachregiment F. Dzierzynski

A historical perspective of this uniformed organization, which includes period photographs along with high quality illustrations of tunics, badges and documents that were presented to its members.

Forward by Ambassador Hugh Montgomery

...this study will remain the true bible of Stasi medals, mementos and insignia...which will neither be duplicated nor superseded by any subsequent work.