OK, I’ve finished reading the second volume; an incredible amount of material is covered and beautifully laid out. What an effort on Ralph’s part! I do not believe I’ve ever seen any subject covered so thoroughly.

This 2 volume set is, in my opinion, a new benchmark for books covering Cold War memorabilia. Not a catalog to use as a quick reference to see which medal is which- there are other books for that- but, rather, an incredibly in-depth, scholarly approach to orders, medals, badges and other memorabilia directly and indirectly associated with the Ministry of State Security. In describing these items and their associated documents and providing photos of the items being presented and worn, Ralph has given a glimpse of several key personalities as well as some insight into some operational aspects of the organization. It is a marvelous set of books and, as I said before, a must for all collectors of the Cold War.

Greg Collins
DDR/WP/Soviet Militaria Collector