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About Frontline Historical

Frontline Historical was established in 2007 to promote Cold War books written by self-published authors. The idea behind the name Frontline Historical came from the term used for the most forward operating line of friendly and enemy forces in-contact or those facing each other during time of conflict or Cold War

Available Titles

STASI Decorations and Memorabilia Volume I

This book is essential to East German collectors, researchers or anyone interested in wanting to know more of the STASI organization. This book illustrates in detail some of East Germany’s most interesting medals and in particular the award documents presented to STASI members duringthe mid 1950s through the end of the 1980s.

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STASI Decorations and Memorabilia Volume II

This book provides additional data and historical perspectives on the different medals and award documents along with other DDR and foreign memorabilia that were presented to the former STASI members throughout the Cold War that were not discussed in STASI Decorations and Memoribilia

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